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Software per il Monitoraggio e Gestione di Switch e Dispositivi ORing

bulletOpen-Vision v4.0, is a powerful network management utility suite including four different features that can meet various demands from network monitor and managements in a wide range of industrial applications. For the four basic functions – Centralized management / Visualized management / Complete monitor / Early system, Open-Vision v4.0 provides intelligent advantages. Only through the advanced monitoring features and various warning systems, the users can be informed of any accidental situations in the local network and recover the network immediatly.

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  • Devices healthy monitor and alarm
  • IP scan to detect all of the ORing switches and third party SNMP device in the local network
  • Draw the whole network topology automatically and customize visualized setting available
  • Support multi-link topology with port number information
  • Multi-port flow monitoring
  • Topology auto polling retry times setting for unstable networking environment
  • Devices could be grouped and managed by different IP ranges
  • ORing MAP technology could be showed network device locate by google MAP
  • Support Ring information on ORing Topology View
  • Device configuration scanning and comparation
  • Supports group configuration backup to NAS server
  • IP setting group wizard, firmware upgrade group wizard, configuration backup and restore group wizard and redundant ring (O-Ring) setting wizard
    Operating System Windows

ORing Commander

  • Automatic devices discovery
  • Device status monitoring
  • Device Management
  • Syslog events
  • Scan device configuration
  • IP setting Group Wizard, Firmware Upgrade Group Wizard, and Redundant Ring (O-Ring) Group Wizard

ORing Host Monitor

  • IP scan to detect all of the IP-based devices in the local network.
  • To check the health statuses of connections of all IP-based devices
  • All of IP-based devices could be grouped and managed by different IP ranges.

ORing Topology View

  • Device discovery. Supports Oring and third party SNMP devices
  • Link Discovery. LLDP link auto discovery. Supports creating link manually. Supports redundant link on topology (back up link in dotted line)
  • The topology views Display devices information in IP, system name, annotation, disable display, or show/hide supervisor. Real product image on Oring device. Supports third party SNMP devices (supports customized device icon)
  • Configure the switches into different IP domains, and there is no limitation of the nodes to be configured by ORing topology view.
  • Visualized warning system of the health statuses of the connections among the switches
  • Traffic flow analysis of each node. Multiple ports performance monitoring. Upper and lower traffic budget setting and flow alert
  • The administrator could plan the future topology manually in “Edit” operation mode
  • Map View: Support topology on Google map. Device latitude and longitude position management
  • Device status monitoring
  • Syslog events
  • Scan device configuration

Open-Vision 50 - Free

Open-Vision 100 - Network Management Windows Utility Suite, 100 IP devices

Open-Vision 500 - Network Management Windows Utility Suite, 500 IP devices

Open-Vision 1000 - Network Management Windows Utility Suite, 1000 IP devices