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Industrial modular rack mount managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4 slots

RGS-9000 is modular managed redundant ring Ethernet switch with 4 slots. With completely support of Ethernet Redundancy protocol, O-Ring (recovery time < 30ms over 250 units of connection) and MSTP (RSTP/STP compatible) can protect your mission-critical applications from network interruptions or temporary malfunctions with its fast recovery technology. And support wide operating temperature from -40 oC to 85 oC (If use 10G SFP module then operating temperature is -20 oC ~ 60 oC). RGS-9000 can also be managed centralized and convenient by Open-Vision, Except the Web-based interface, Telnet and console (CLI) configuration. Therefore, the switch is one of the most reliable choice for highly-managed and Fiber Ethernet application.


RGS-P9000 A

RGS-P9000 modules


  • Modular Design, 4 slots (up to 3 slots for 8x1G port and 1 slot for 4x10G port)
  • IPv6
  • 128 Gbps Switch bandwidth and 7µs latency 
  • Supports O-Ring (recovery time < 20ms over 250 units of connection) and MSTP/RSTP/STP (IEEE 802.1s/w/D) for Ethernet Redundancy
  • Supports standard IEC 62439-2 MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) function
  • Supports IEEE 1588v2 clock Synchronization
  • Modbus TCP
  • IGMP v2/v3 (IGMP snooping support)
  • Port Trunking for easy of bandwidth management
  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 & RMON & 802.1Q VLAN
  • Event notification through Syslog, Email, SNMP trap
  • Windows Open-Vision support centralized management; configurable by Web,Telnet, Console, CLI
  • Redundant power inputs with optional voltage range
  • 19" rack mount
RGS-P9000-LV RGS-P9000-HV

Chassis 4 slots (up to 3 slots for 8x1G ports and 1 slot for 4x10G port)

Chassis 4 slots (up to 3 slots for 8x1G ports and 1 slot for 4x10G port), High Voltage


  • SWM-02GP+_4 - 2x10GBase-X, SFP+ socket
  • SWM-04GP+_4 - 4x10GBase-X SFP+ ports
  • SWM-80GT - 8x10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports 
  • SWM-08GP - 8x100/1000Base-X, SFP socket
  • SWM-04GP4 - 4x 100/1000BaseX(SFP)
  • SWM-04GF-MM/SS-SC -  4x1000Base-FX SC Fiber ports
  • SWM-04FX-MM/SS-SC -  4x100Base-FX SC Fiber ports
  • SWM-04GF-MM/SS-ST -  4x1000Base-FX ST Fiber ports
  • SWM-04FX-MM/SS-ST -  4x100Base-FX ST Fiber ports
  • SWM-04GF-MM/SS-LC -  4x1000Base-FX LC Fiber ports
  • SWM-04FX-MM/SS-LC -  4x100Base-FX LC Fiber ports

- Input Power RGS-P9000-LV: Dual 24/48VDC (20~72VDC)
- Power Consumption (Typ.)  46 Watts
- Overload Current Protection Present

- Input Power RGS-P9000-HV: Dual 88~264VAC/100~370VDC) 6-pin terminal block
- Power Consumption (Typ.)  46 Watts
- Overload Current Protection Present

Operating Temperature -40 to 70°C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing

Warranty 5 years

DR-7548 series, 75W DIN-Rail power supply
DR-12048 series, 120W DIN-Rail power supply
Open-Vision M500, Network Management Windows
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