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INT1G10CSA Aggregating Network TAP

The aggregating network TAP is ideal for 10/100/1000MB copper network monitoring. The innovative design allows the ability to TAP up to four (4) 10/100/1000MB copper segments and aggregate all the traffic to one (1) or two (2) monitoring ports. Once installed in your network the aggregating TAP will enable you to monitor your network segments quickly and effectively using only a single network analyzer. The two (2) gigabit monitoring port aggregates the traffic into a single monitoring ports for easy analysis on dedicated capture devices or portable computers. Connect up to two different tools to capture identical full-duplex traffic.



- 4 TAPs ports (8x10/100/1000TX)
- 2 Monitor ports (SFP)

- Copper TAP to SFP Monitoring Ports
- Supports Jumbo Frames
- Rack frame supports up to two (2) TAPs in a 1U space
- Link Failure Propagation (LFP) Allows attached network devices to detect if link state is lost on adjacent network devices
- Aggregating monitor ports Enables monitoring of full-duplex network traffic from each interface, ensuring 100% data is passed to monitor tools

 Operating Modes 
aggregatingAggregate traffic to either 1000Base-T monitoring port, or use a single NIC to monitor full-duplex traffic up to 1000MB accumulated.