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INT1G8xxBP Bypass and Aggregating Network TAP

Garland Technology’s Integrated 1U Bypass High Availability device provides complete fail-safe protection for an in-line appliance including Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Data Leakage Protection (DLP), web application user experience, content filtering to name a few.  This hardware appliance delivers a simple way to TAP a link once, connect one primary in-line device, one back-up in-line device, and up to two (2) extra monitoring devices.

INT1G8MCBP - TAP once, connect up to 4 Analyzers
- Stateful high availability hardware solution
- Never have your critical links not protected by your in-line devices
- Add double coverage on your Active and
- Secondary links Two (2) extra monitoring ports for analysis tools

- Dual Power Supplies
- INT1G8CCBP --- 2 porte Rame 100/1000TX (TAP) + 6 porte Rame 100/1000TX (Monitor)
- INT1G8MCBP --- 2 porte Fibra multimodo 1000SX (TAP) + 6 porte Rame 100/1000TX (Monitor)
- INT1G8SCBP --- 2 porte Fibra monomodo 1000LX (TAP) + 6 porte Rame 100/1000TX (Monitor)
 Operating Modes
aggregating breakout span-regen
Aggregate traffic to either 1000Base-T monitoring port, or use a single NIC to monitor full-duplex traffic up to 1000MB accumulated. Use two (2) 1000Base-T NIC's in one security device Use two monitoring devices with single NIC's, to receive traffic from both monitoring ports